Message from President & CEO

There has been a significant change along worldwide manufacturing industry. With China at the top of the list; Korea, Taiwan, India, and ASEAN countries are emerging as strong players of manufacturing over the past 10 years. Along with America and European countries, the competition is getting aggressive on a global scale.

Even though Japan was at the mainstream of global manufacture, now is facing a hard time to keep competitiveness. Sustainable society is threatened by the decrease of workforce due to aging population, and the impact of energy resources resulting from the nuclear accident. However, it opens an opportunity to accelerate the competitive power.

In Germany, Industry 4.0 has been positioned as national strategy to boost internal industry. It aims to minimize production costs by digitalizing the industrial processes, which is also a smart approach to take to advance the Japanese industry in spite of the current situation.

The advent of Internet, computer technologies are paving the path for other technological innovation such as smart sensors, which is a value added to revolutionize the industry value chain. Especially, in the upstream process (design, research and development), this innovation increases the value added to the product tailoring to the particular production needs of each customer, making it a much better product.

For that reason, our company focus from its establishment, to support the upstream process by using simulation technologies and ICT. Moving forward, our efforts are centered on the development in the AI, IoT fields, and the utilization of big-data. In the future, we will continue supporting the manufacturing industry by the use of these technologies. Therefore, we intend to push forward the manufacturing industry as a technological group contributing to Japanese society.

Your continuous support as we address these challenges will be greatly appreciated.

September 17, 2016
Toshinobu Konno
President and CEO