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Policy on Protection of Personal Information

Simulatio Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") determine the below personal information protection direction, and both the directors and staffs will be bound to protect these personal information.

Manegement of Persona Information

The Company will strive to prevent leaks, loss, destruction of or unauthorized accea to all personal information provided by users who access The Company by appropriate protection and safety measures.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The purpose of use of personal information that the Company acquires is as follows:

Classification of personal informationPurposes of use
 Partners information  For appropriate and smooth administrative work
 Contact information  For replying customers' enquiries or comments
 Applicant information  For provision of information and contact to applicants in recruiting
 Employee information  For work related to personnel management

Restriction of Provision to A Third Party

The Company shall not provide personal information to a third party without consent from the person except the following cases.
・Cases in which the provision of personal information is interfere with our services and operations of the website by any action
・Cases in which the provision of personal information is the prior consent of the customer
・Cases in which the provision of personal information is outsourcing handling of personal information to a third party within the scope necessary for achievement of the purpose of use
・Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws

Arbitrariness of personal information acquisition

While most of services can be used without the personal information, please note that some services are only available with the submission of the personal information.

Security Measure for Persopnal Information

The Company shall take necessary control of security for personal information protection.

Inquiry of Customers

When our customers request their personal information to be inquired, revised, or deleted, they must show their ID.

Revision of Rules

The company will follow the Japanese laws, guidelines and other norms for the handling of personal information. Also, the Company will conform our rules with personal information management to such laws, guidelines and other norms.

Enactment date: January 14, 2016

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our personal infrmation treatment policy, please contact as follows:
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