Simulatio is hiring System Engineer (SE) at all levels and across fields.


Human resources personnel are required.

Working at Simulatio

Academic Requirements

At the mid-career level, academics with a PhD in relevant subject and 2 years of industry experience are desirable. Individuals with a Master's degree with 3 years of industry experience are desirable at the mid-career level opportunities.
The experience and qualifications required may vary in case of exceptional record of the candidates.

Fresh graduates with a PhD/Master/Undergraduate degree are considered based on their academic capabilities and interview process.
For non-technical positions, relevant undergraduate/master degree with experience will be considered.
All candidates are expected to have good communication skills, desire to learn new technologies and work in terms.

Subject Specialization

Specialization in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are desirable. Academics with Computer science as major especially with background in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Smart Grids, any field related to Data Management and Software Engineering are welcome.
All candidates are expected to have good programming skills.

Remuneration/Initial Salary

For the mid-career recruitment salary is determined in accordance with the company regulations, taking into account experience, ability and previous salary.
For the fresh graduates, salary is determined in accordance to their academic achievements and experience.
For example, at Simulatio a fresh Ph.D graduate at the level of System Engineer(~Age 28)can earn about $45,000.00 per year.


Depending on the company and individual performance (Standard: Twice a year)

Salary Increase

Once a year (spring)

Working Hours

Standard working hours: From 09:00 ~ 17:30 with 1 hour lunch break
Employees also can work half-time or work from home (in required cases)

Working location

Simulatio is head-quartered in Shin-yokohama city. In case required by a project, employees may have to spend some time at a client location.
Note: There is a possibility to change work location (in Kanto region) depending upon the situation and requirement of the project.

Holidays and Vacations

Saturday & Sundays (total 5-day work week policy), public/national holidays, summer holidays
Paid leaves-Annual paid leave and special leave for marriage, child birth etc.
Annual number of leaves at least 120 days


Housing Allowance (in case of employee being married)
Housing Mediation
Communication Allowances
Re-employment system after retirement


Various social insurance including Welfare Insurance, Health Insurance, Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance.

Employee Events and Activities

Spring and Autumn BBQ
Welcome and Farewell Party
New Year Party
Other team events and activities are also organized.

How to Apply

For inquiries or job applications, please send an email to the addresses below, attaching your updated resume (CV) including photo, and cover letter.