Research & Development

Simulation Research & Development

Computer Simulation, Molecular Simulation (Molecular orbital Visualization), Physics Simulation, Nanoscale Simulation, Macroscale (MD method), Microscale (Quantum physical chemistry), Structure elucidation (Analysis of adsorption behavior of metal surface)、Visualization experimental data (Z-3D), Vibration analysis, Magnetic & Electromagnetic analysis etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Natural language process, Image processing system, Algorithm development


Customized development of software

Customized calculation of simulation/analysis, Particle filling program, X-ray computed tomography display program, video-on-demand system, Advanced medical system (Sensor network), Android support application, AR/VR Imaging technology, Meteorological data WEB display, 3D system development, Parallel program etc.

HPC/Network construction and operation management

On-premises and virtual network system

Computational science solutions

Gaussian, Mathematica, LAMMPS, Siesta, Hadoop etc.

Programing languages and tools

Python, PHP, VBA, Fortran, C/C++, C#, Ruby, JavaScript etc.

Visual Studio, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Eclipse, CUDA, Apache, Tomcat, Matlab etc.

Simulation by diffusion equation

  Simulation model of CO O oxidation on a Pt(110) surface

          MD Method


Application Areas

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, X-ray analysis, Supply chain management, Image analysis technique, Parallel computing by MPI/OpenMP, Neural networks, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, etc.